Zapraszamy na fajny part Vojtech’a Freitag’a nagrany na nietypowych spotach Pragi. Dlaczego nietypowych? Sprawdźcie sami. Polecanko!!

“Mosaic cobblestone is a Prague’s signature, being very common surface in the city during the pre-WWII era. Communists, however, loved to pour asphalt everywhere and such pavements quickly prevailed in the following decades. In recent years, as the Prague streets are being repaired, the cobblestone is coming back with the support of city hall and many of the inhabitants. Not so much of the skaters.

Once you focus on such a type of spots in Prague, you are like: This shit is everywhere! In the old town, city centre, suburbs… The newly built business quarters with the most perfect ledges are covered with those small black and white cubes as well. Say goodbye to crusty asphalt and praise the modern corporate cobblestone. I guess skaters have no option than start adapting soon. Otherwise, we will be stuck on our marble plazas as some endangered species in quickly shrinking reservations.

As I quickly realized, I am not adapted yet. My expectations of tricks that can be done on these spots were almost always exaggerated and rarely met the sketchy reality when actually stepping on the board. Sorry Mitch for those fairy tales you had to listen to!

The purpose of this short video is not to map all the cobblestone spots, nor to kill them with the hardest tricks. Rather, it might serve as a food for thought. Should we ignore the changing city or adapt to it?”

Vojtech Freitag


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